There is always a risk

A line from the late great Canadian drummer and poet Neil Peart essentially sums it up,

“If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice”

Unfortunately this is an all too common approach observed in organizations big and small when facing uncertain outcomes and the pressure to change something in the status quo. The net result is often a lack of any concrete action or misplaced accountability as someone acquiesces to move an initiative along.

Each month the hosts of Caffeinated Risk and some special guests explore the challenges of security risk management in our global, digitized world. Even with decades of experience in enterprise security risk management, you won’t find an easy button here. You will find new ways to ask some tough questions of the right people. You’ll learn how you can become a trusted advisor to executives. And you’ll find ways to provide more value as a security risk professional by ensuring those making the business decisions get the information they need.