The Library

We wanted to provide access to articles we’ve written, sites we like, and books we think are worth a look. Check the site out often, we’re going to update the content and try to keep it fresh. We don’t want this to be stale – kinda like a good cup of coffee. And if you have some great suggestions, let us know!

Articles we’ve published

Canadian Security Magazine Articles by Tim McCreight

Ideas and reality-makers

Are We Ready?

The value of persistence

Know your threats

ESRM updates from GSX

Time to grow

What and when to buy

The risk resolution

Books we like

The Manager’s Guide to Enterprise Security Risk Management: Essentials of Risk Based Security

Enterprise Security Risk Management: Concepts and Applications

Managing the Human Factor in Information Security by David Lacey

Sandworm by Andy Greenberg

Change by Design by Tim Brown

The Brown Book of Design Thinking by Jose Berengueres

Analogue Network Security: Time, Broken Stuff, Engineering, Systems, My Audio Career, and Other Musings on Six Decades of Thinking About it All, By Winn Schwartau

Did God Create the Internet? : The Impact of Technology on Humanity by Scott Klososkly

The Privacy Engineers Manifesto: Getting from Policy to Code to QA to Value by Michelle Dennedy, Jonathan Fox and Tom Finneran

Interviews we’ve done

Tim had a great interview with Canadian Security Magazine

Tim was interviewed by Smart Markets in August, 2021