Bring on the New Year

2021 really can’t be worse than 2020, can it?

I’m not saying this to jinx us, honest! I’ve just spent some time this past little while looking back on 2020 and trying to assess how bad the dumpster fire really was. Globally we are still dealing with COVID 19 and have seen the worldwide death toll surpass 1.8 million. Vaccines are being distributed, albeit not as well as planned. And globally, businesses continue to struggle to survive in this “new normal”.

We also watched in horror as the insurrection of the US Capitol unfolded in real time. Right, that’s now…in 2021…not 2020…sorry.

We’re seeing risk profiles and threats change dramatically as well. Our new acronym – WFH – is both a blessing and a curse. More workers continue to clock in from home, but the threats to data now target these same individuals. Setting up our home users for success is seemingly easy, but we’re still seeing them being targeted in phishing campaigns now using misinformation or purported facts on a variety of topics: vaccines, supply chains, elections, travel, and fund raising.

We’re going to lean into some of these topics in our monthly shows, and talk more about these and other issues. Don’t worry, I know some of the bigger cyber news is top of mind so we’re going to check into that as well. I can’t offer any technical comments – that’s where my partner comes in! But I can work through some of the risks we see and how to approach them with your management and leaders. That’s what we’re really here to do – help you find that voice to present risks and inform your leaders!